The Made Story

Hello to the person who is reading this and I what to say Hi my name is Abram Taylor. My stage name is TaylorMade, I'm 36 years young and I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Now I live in Lockhart, Texas making great Hip hop, Rap slash R&B music. I've been making great music and promoting my music for over 10 years and I have accomplished a lot on my own.

I released 3 albums distributed through the number 1 independent selling unsigned artist music in the world CDBaby. The first album I released in 2010 was Shorter Dayz Darker Nightz. Here'z the link to the album on My second album I released in 2013 was Outta Tha Darkness. Here's the link to the album on My third album I released in 2016 was Personal Issuez but I distributed the album through Tunecore. Here's the link to the album on Tunecore.com

My music has been on many internet radio stationz mostly on Live365 is not around no more but these are the radio stations that my music has been air played on. The radio stations are Certified Grindaz Radio, Kings Level 3 Radio, KFNB Radio, BDE Radio, DJTilt360 Radio and Power1200 Radio ect. My hottest song that the radio stations played in heavy rotation is Drankin' N' Dancin' off the album Outta Tha Darkness.

Over the 10 years I've been performing and making music. I accumulated according to ReverbNation 29,761 fans online using social media outlets like FaceBook Fan Page, YouTube Subcribers and Twitter Followers. Not counting my MySpace 287 Connections, Jango Airplay fans 343 and on my Last.FM.Radio I have 512 listeners. I did all of this own my own with out hiring or paying for radio promotion.