Conquerin' A Setback! 

Yo! I am not spam it'z Yo Boy Da Real TaylorMade cumin' back at U thru MailChimp, ReverbNation,, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook N' The reason I'm sendin' U this email 2 inform U that Yes Da music video is cumin' out but no until Da middle of February N' I have a new song already uploaded 4 U 2 take a listen 2. Yes my fellow unsigned artistz, freindz N' supporterz. I had 2 push back makin' Da new music video 4 Da song Tha Choice You Made because of Da cold azz weather in Da Great City N' State of Austin, Texas. Oh Yes People! We had snow out here azz well N' I still had 2 go 2 my real job in this bad weather. Hopefully if weather permitz I should have the new music video done by beginnin' or late February of 2018. Oh Yeah! I uploaded a new song 4 U 2 hear on Da TaylorMade NumberOneMusic Page. Da song is called On A Good Night off Da album Personal Issuez that'z in online downloadin' digital storez right now. The song has a nice vibe slash night atmosphere 2 it. The song is about 2 men goin' out late night runnin' Da night streetz seein' criminal activity. Please take a listen 2 Da song N' givin' me Yo honest opinion good or bad. I can take it 4 real not bein' mad or angry at U 4 givin' Yo honest opinion. If U want 2 hear music or read updatez on Yo Boy. Here R a few linkz 4 U 2 check out. My N2TaylorMade Music Website: My TaylorMade NumberOneMusic Page: My ReverbNation Music Page: My Twitter Page: My FaceBook Personal Page: My Facebook Fan Page: My SoundCloud Music Page: I thank U 4 readin' this Yourz Truly TaylorMade!

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