My Song Keepz Gettin' On Radio Stationz!

I am not spam it'z Yo Boy Da Real TaylorMade cumin' back at U thru Mailchimp, ReverbNation, NumberOneMusic, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook N' N2TaylorMade Music Website. The reason I'm sendin' U this email 2 inform U that I have been radio station hustlein' N' I got new songz cumin' Yo way. Yes Sir! U read is just right so that meanz U R never wrong. My song The Choice You Made is broadcastin' on another radio station called WQ Mix Worldwide Radio thru Here'z Da link 2 Da live player 4 WQ Mix Worldwide Radio Now I'm hot song The Choice You Made off Da album Personal Issuez made it on 4 internet radio stationz N' still countin'. I also gotta new song in Da makin' called Pretty Facez that'z gonna B on my up cumin' album Strong Backin'. I wanna thank my friendz, family N' fanz 4 just sharin' or listenin' 2 my music. It really meanz Da world 2 me knowin' U guy'z N' girlz R likin' my music 2 Da core. If U want 2 hear music or read updatez on Yo Boy. Here R a few linkz 4 U 2 check out. My N2TaylorMade Music Website: My TaylorMade NumberOneMusic Page: My ReverbNation Music Page: My Twitter Page: My FaceBook Personal Page: My Facebook Fan Page: My SoundCloud Music Page: I won't bore U anymore N' I thank U 4 readin' this Yourz Truly TaylorMade

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