New Song Update By Yo Boy TaylorMade!

Yo! I am not spam it'z Yo Boy Da Real TaylorMade cumin' back at U thru ReverbNation,, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook N' The reason I'm sendin' U this email is 2 inform U that I wrote a new song N' found the beat 2 fit wit the song. Yes my family, friendz N' fanz I wrote a new song. The song is called Keep Lookin' For Better N' I found the beat 2 the new song produced by Rujay. The song is about a man who is tired of the same old thang goin' thru the same old bullshit. He decided to go on his own N' find sumthang better out there in the world. Yes! I had a slight set back I was suppose 2 head in2 the recording studio July 28th. I changed the schedule 2 B in the recording studio September 28th. New songz is cumin' Yo way 4 real no more set backz from here on out. If U want 2 hear music or read updatez on Yo Boy. Here R a few linkz 4 U 2 check out. My N2TaylorMade Music Website: My TaylorMade NumberOneMusic Page: My ReverbNation Music Page: My Twitter Page: My FaceBook Personal Page: My Facebook Fan Page: My SoundCloud Music Page: I thank U 4 readin' this Yourz Truly TaylorMade!

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