Revenge Is On Da Way!

I am not spam it'z Yo Boy Da Real TaylorMade cumin' back at U thru Mailchimp, ReverbNation, NumberOneMusic, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook N' N2TaylorMade Music Website. The reason I'm sendin' U this email 2 inform U that I'm still good after a female co worker of mine stole about 900 dollarz from me. Yes my fellow family, friendz N' fanz my female co worker stole 900 dollarz outta my checkin' account. I already made a disclaimer report at my bank early this mornin'. I think she stole my debit card numberz when I ordered food from on her account wit them. I told her my debit card numberz N' she bought Da food off my debit card. She also has been usin' my debit card numberz 2 pay for her own food N' billz. She just don't know that I'm on 2 her like a wolf on sheep. I'm gonna stay positive thru this setback no matter what. God has me from Da start 2 never endin'. I haven't told my bestfriend, mother N' supervisor yet but I'll tell them in time. Nobody getz away wit stealin' my money 4 real N' vengez will B mine my friendz. If U want 2 hear music or read updatez on Yo Boy. Here R a few linkz 4 U 2 check out. My N2TaylorMade Music Website: My TaylorMade NumberOneMusic Page: My ReverbNation Music Page: My Twitter Page: My FaceBook Personal Page: My Facebook Fan Page: My SoundCloud Music Page: I won't bore U anymore N' I thank U 4 readin' this Yourz Truly TaylorMade

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